Programme sponsorship

If you sponsor our shows your business, product or service will be mentioned “live” by the presenter (For example: “Welcome back to Stones In Action on Stones Live! – in association with Walter Wall Carpeting, where comfort and quality count”). You will also get a mention whenever the show name is mentioned during our station identity jingles etc. We will also throw in a free 30-second advert played once an hour during the sponsored show. You can either sponsor individual shows or select one of our sponsorship packages. If you choose a package, a link to your website will be placed at the top of our website’s homepage. Here are our sponsorship rate cards:

Individual Programme Sponsorship

ShowCost per show
“Black & Amber Bulletin” (Magazine Show)£25
“Stones In Action” (Live Commentary)£35
All 24/7 Music Shows £10 (for each hour)

Sponsorship packages

ShowWhole football season sponsorship12 months sponsorship
All “Black & AmberBulletin” (Magazine Shows)£100
All “Stones In Action” (Live Commentaries)£400
All 24/7 Music shows£300£400
Sponsor All Shows£450£500

Its very simple really. You decide what you want us to say. We will then produce and record your advert for your approval. Once approved, we will play your 30-second advert at least once an hour, 24/7 for the length of your campaign.
When your advert is played, details of your business, product or service will be heard by 1,000’s of customers in the Maidstone & Kent area. In fact, many more listeners will also be able to hear about it by listening on-line from anywhere in the World!
Our prices include all production costs.
To discuss your requirements further or to place an order, simply call Chris on 07821 719818 or email us at
Here’s our advertising rate card:

Length of advert campaignCost
1 week£10
2 weeks£15
3 weeks£20
1 calendar month£25
2 calendar months£40
3 calendar months£60
4 calendar months£75
5 calendar months£95
6 calendar months£110
12 calendar months£150

If you pay for an advertising campaign, please don’t forget to email us with your script etc. at
Want longer? Call Chris on 07821 719818 for a quote